The purpose of this page is to list blog posts on papers/abstracts submitted to journals, conferences or seminars.  Most recent are at the top.

Debt-free path to innovation
Leaver, S. Potts, J. 2016, ‘Debt-free path to innovation’, Institute of Public Affairs Review: A Quarterly Review of Politics and Public Affairs, 68-2

Behavioural Education Economics
Leaver, S 2016, ‘Behavioural Education Economics’, Routledge Handbook of Behavioral Economics, p. 379, Routledge

An Incentive Compatible Model for Higher Education deregulation
Originally presented at the ANU Forum on Higher Education Financing, 13th August 2015

Deregulation of university fees will leave the disadvantaged at greater debt risk
Opinion piece in The Australian, 1 Oct 2014

School choice: a qualitative exploration of behavioural decision rules involved in parental investment in education
Economics seminar – Thu 4th Sep, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Intergenerational discounting & parental investment in education: Evolutionary basis for a zero discount rate heuristic
‘Cooperation and Conflict in the Family’ conference – February 2014, Sydney, Australia